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Alterations of Umpire Apparel

If you need any Alterations or Hemming of your umpire apparel:

AJ Alterations

3325 W Ali Baba Ln #611

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Navy Blue in color. 

No alternate association logos, (I.E. USA; USSSA, etc.)


Approved Umpire Shoes

The Softball Board has expanded the selection of approved styles of umpiring shoes.  Whereas, prior to this, solid black shoes for plate and bases were the approved shoes, now you are able to have predominantly black shoes that may have either a white manufacturer's logo, and/or a white perimeter base tread.  Examples of such ar shown here.

    The shirt Pictured below is the newest shirt that is now also acceptable, and will be mandatory in the year 2024.  Remember, that both game umpires are required to wear the same shirt.  

This is the new shirt being worn at the NCAA level.  The CAROLINA BLUE with the Navy side panel.  As a secondary shirt, the NCAA Navy shirt with the Carolina Blue side panel.

The pant that is still worn at the NFHS Softball level is the MEDIUM HEATHER GREY.  The CHARCOAL is NOT Acceptable, as it is for BASEBALL.

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