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Board Meeting Discussions & Minutes


1) The following is an excerpt in regards to uniforms from the recently approved SNOA Softball Manual (2017):
Official's Uniform:


SNOA softball officials shall be properly dressed in clean and neat attire at all contests. The approved uniform components are:

Hats-Navy blue. Hats must be fitted, blocked and clean.

Shirts- Must be clean and wrinkle free. All umpires on the crew must wear the same color shirt.

NCAA Bright Blue (w/Navy side inserts) is the default uniform shirt

Alternate Shirt:

NCAA Midnight Navy (w/Blue Side inserts)

NCAA Pink (w/Blue Side inserts)

The following colors of uniform shirts are authorized and may be worn at the discretion of the umpire crew. Long sleeved shirts of any authorized color are permitted.


T-shirts- T-shirts are optional and if worn under the uniform shirt must be clean. If a T- shirt is worn, WHITE is the default color for all shirt colors except- NAVY BLUE T-shirt will be worn under navy blue uniform shirts 

Long sleeve T-shirts may only be worn under long sleeve uniform shirts.

Pants- Medium Heather Gray. Must be clean and pressed. May be pleated or plain front. Plate or combination pants on the plate, base or combination pants on the bases.

Belt- A black belt minimum 1 1/2" width must be worn

The Ball bag must be either be Navy Blue or Gray, with no logos.

2) The following is taken from the approved Fine structure for SNOA:
Failure to wear the authorized uniform during game assignments

The approved fine for such infraction is $10.00 up to 100% of game fees or up to and including suspension

Examples of such are:


  1. Wearing USA logo'd apparel, including logo'd shirts, hats and ball bags.  ​

  2. Wearing baseball approved slacks (Dark Gray vs Medium Heather Grey).

  3. Wearing jackets that have striping on the sleeves.  Due to the plain Navy jacket (Zip-up or Pullover) is getting tougher to find, the transition to the Navy Blue jacket with the Powder Blue Shoulder stripe is approved.

The Softball Board understands that "Life Happens", and we get in a rush, and show up to the game site with not all of the proper Uniform parts.  When and if that should occur, we will address that accordingly.

At this point USA; USSSA; SNOA BASEBALL; and other entities have separate uniform requirements that may or may not intertwine with SNOA SOFTBALL's Uniform requirement.  If you are working with more than one entity, then each of those entities will require you to outfit your wardrobe with their individual uniforms.

If you are lacking proper required uniform items, then please contact one of the vendors that will be found on the links page of website.



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