News and Notes from the

Softball Assignor

July 19, 2018



Softball Meeting Dates


Dates for the 2019 season are listed on the Calendar tab of this web-site.

All meetings will be at Durango High School in Room 404 starting promptly at 3:30 PM


Tournament Dates






Mojave High School


 JV and Varsity either on the Road or at Home all games will start at 4:00 PM


Faith Lutheran High School


JV and Varsity ONLY Home games will start at 4:00 pm


Classifications have changed this year they are as follows:


4A, 3A, 2A and 1A




Among other criteria, the NFHS 2020 Softball Exam is required to be passed with at least an 85% for Regional Play-off Assignments.

To Be Eligible for NIAA State Tourney, a passing score needs to be at least a 90%.


Regional and State Tourneys


High School Regionals




High School State Tourneys




General Information


  • Communication – Home plate umpires please get with your partner at least 24 hours prior to the game to determine meeting place at the field and what uniforms you will be wearing.


  • Remember NO ASA uniforms are to be worn.  If you were a different color other than the powder blue shirts you must match.  POWDER BLUE SHIRTS ARE THE DEFAULT SHIRT FOR GAMES


  • Game Day – Umpires should arrive at the game site at least 30 minutes prior to the game and check in at the field.  Bat and helmet checks will be done together.  Pregame before the game and post-game after the game.


  • After game is finished leave the field together thru the winning team dugout if possible.


  • Please do not coach the girls during the game and keep the talking to a minimum with the coaches and the players.Also, talking in between innings keep to a minimum keep the game moving.


Richard Mumford

SNOA Softball Assignor


PLAY-OFF Requirements

1)  Minimum of 5 Meetings attended (NIAA Requirement)

2)  Attend a Pre-season scrimmage

3)  Work a minimum of two sub-Varsity contests

4)  Score a minimum of 85% on 2019 NFHS online exam (Regional Assignment); and score a minimum of 90% for NIAA State Assignments.




  • JV Games are a 2 hour time limit and have a "Mercy Rule" of 15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings. NO GAMES CAN END IN A TIE, PLAY UNTIL YOU HAVE A WINNER.  Do not deviate from this format.


  • Varsity Games are no time limit, 7 innings and 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings.



Turn Backs:  Please use Arbiter to Block Dates, Times, Officials you do not want to work with, and School you cannot work at, this will help in the reassigning of games, turnbacks are part of the Post Season Process and Selection.  Remember I can see when you looked at the game please do not wait several days and the decline it for a reason that you should have been blocked anyways.  Also if you have a block on a day that is fine if you don’t and I assign you a game don’t put the reason of OH that should have been blocked if it is blocked I will just go to the next available umpire.


Uniforms:  Please make sure they are up to standards, no stains, no rips, hats clean, and white t-shirts underneath,  Shirts that may be worn are powder blue, navy blue and pink. 


Professionalism:  comes in a lot of forms

  • Being on time for your assignment which is 30 minutes from to the start of the game. And please one of the umpires check in with the home school to let them know you are on site.

  • Appearance, Uniform clean and no stains on shirt, Hat clean, pants with no winkles, and shoes cleaned and polished, 1st impressions are lasting impressions.

  • Communication with your partner if you are running late call your partner do not leave them hanging.Call your partner at least 24 hours in advance to set up a meeting spot for you pregame.This should be done by the plate umpire.The home plate umpire needs to handle this it is getting old to get calls from fellow umpires that cannot get a hold of their partners.If this continues disciplinary action will have to be taken.


  • On Field communication with your partner is a must keep the talking to coaches and players at a minimum.

  • When done with your game wait for your partner and leave the field together and If possible thru the winning team dugout.

  • Conduct a post game does not have to be a long one but have one and ask questions of each other and talk about anything that may have come up during the game.


Out of town games and communication, please when picking a spot to meet make sure you are both on the same page where you are going tomeet, If you are going out of town both umpires should have their cell phones with them.If for some reason you do not hook up at the meeting place just proceed to the game site do not go home and have that umpire work a 1 man out of town game. Photos/Contact Information Also, please make sure your contact information is correct and up to date, and you must have a photo. Game Cards: I have received several complaints that Game Cards are not being provided to the coaches for the game. Please complete the game cards and give them to the coaches at pre game. Coaches wanting to have their players step off the base prior to a pitch when the game is out of hand.Please do not tell the coaches when to do this, and also you cannot tell the coaches I will tell you when you can do this and when. Assignments: I have assignments out thru the middle of April and working on the rest at the moment.






STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS: May 16-18 (South Hosting)


REMINDER: Pre game begins at a minimum the day before your assignment. The typical crew coordination subjects for this pre game contact include game time, parking location, uniform colors, evaluation form, and exchange of cell numbers. Keep up the great work and thanks for your efforts in this area.





Uniforms - Remember NO ASA uniforms are to be worn.  Regardless of what color shirt you choose to wear, you must match.  POWDER BLUE SHIRTS ARE THE DEFAULT SHIRT FOR GAMES.


Game Day – Umpires should arrive at the game site at least 30 minutes prior to the game and check in at the field.  Bat and helmet checks will be done together.  Pregame before the game and post game after the game.